1st Ten Wedding Anniversaries: Ideas and Gifts

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November 18, 2011
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November 18, 2011

Among the best ways of celebrating any wedding anniversary is taking trips together. A romantic trip rekindles any flame that may have dimmed.  Anniversary trips are always highly recommended as it gives you both time to reconnect, reflect, and reignite the passionate fire inside your marriage.

Remember: The best Anniversary trips are ones without kids and distractions.

While not everyone can afford a trip to commemorate each wedding anniversary, by putting aside some money from time to time you can plan to celebrate the major ones with a special getaway.

Anniversaries are a very special and private moment that is usually celebrated in private   by the couple. However, as the years pass they desire to share the celebration. Anniversaries like this occur more often in traditional homes where the  entire family gathering plays a part in the celebration. At these commemorative events immediate and extended family bear gifts and congratulatory notes. At times  the expressions are so grand that someone thoughtful has already arranged the wedding anniversary trip for the couple.


It’s not unusual for gatherings and celebrations to take place as early as the fifth year. The tenth year of marriage, however, marks the first full decade of life spent together, and many couples are choosing to mark the occasion with an anniversary party for which a team like Jamaica Wedding DJ add that special touch. Others prefer to acknowledge the day with their own private celebration.


Anniversary gifts are always simple as they carry a specific guideline throughout each year spent together.


The first ten suggested Traditional or Modern gifts are:


1st Paper or clocks

2nd Cotton or china

3rd Leather or crystal

4th Fruits/flowers or appliance

5th Wood or silverware

6th Candy/Iron or wood

7th Wool/Copper or desk Sets

8th Bronze/pottery or linen/lace

9th Pottery and Willow or leather

10th Aluminium/Tin or Diamond Jewellery


As this guide dictates, it is an easy process to transform the occasion to a pizazz effect, but never forget that the greatest gifts are the ones that pre-empted the coming of the other gifts.  These gifts are togetherness, companionship and, most importantly – the one you exchanged and the Wedding ceremony, the vows of love.

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