Jamaica Wedding DJ: The Next Best Thing To A Wedding Planner

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November 18, 2011
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February 21, 2012

His explosion on the matrimonial scene was no mistake, Kevan “Dj Vaun” Stewart has become a key ingredient in enhancing the romantic zeal couples dream to have on their wedding day.  Though a man of mild fanfare, he is definitely known for the paramount role he plays in creating memories.

A wedding is special and this fleeting feeling can last for a fraction of an instance.  But how does one get it right, the veil, the dress, or the cake hmmm.  As far as my guess is; the one moment that can last forever is that first dance. No wedding can ever be complete without the perfect music and what better way to paint that acoustic picture but with the expertise of Jamaica Wedding DJ.  With a vast selection and enhanced play lists, no request is too far fetched whether old or new. Not to mention their strategic service packaging which guarantees customer satisfaction and is well within an affordable budget.

A wedding is among the most important days in a woman’s life so much so, many have dreamt of it as much as they have contemplated whether or not to procreate.  Why should she settle for a sub-par experience?

Mr. Kevan Stewart and his team have been adding that  ‘WOW’ factor to weddings for the past 4 years and has made sure to calm the fears of brides around the world. With rave reviews, DJ Vaun and team are humble in their approach – ensuring every detail is perfect from their appearance, to their delivery. They get it right every time.


“They are the next best things to an actual wedding planner.” A client recounted.

Another client mentioned, “I watched a video of a friend’s wedding and was impressed by the delivery of the music men and made inquires on them.  I contacted them and viewed their website. The quality of work was superb, pricing affordable, with the communication and understanding I was looking for.  Hey, eventually they played at my wedding and my guests and I had a blast.”

“Among Jamaica’s best, best kept secret.” Expressed another satisfied bride.


Being a preferred choice among brides and event planners locally and internationally is just another accolade to their reputation, Jamaica Wedding DJ has created a rapport with western Jamaica’s top 5 star hotels and never fail to please even when requested outside of their comfortable western niche market.

It is a no-brainer in achieving this dynamic synergy, with simply tailored services to fit each client’s individuality while anticipating and resolving pre-conceived and brewing issues that may arise in a clients thoughts. His team is simply impressive; comprising of himself, DJ Buck and DJ Dutch, they provide unmatched professionalism, raw plus polished skills and talent to make them highly requested.

Jamaica Wedding DJ, the wedding DJ of choice, also a powerhouse of event entertainment in an industry where innovation is rare. Hosting and Emceeing events, where required, at many top hotels and venues in Jamaica including Ritz Carlton Golf and Spa Resort, RIU group of hotels, Iberostar hotel, Terra Nova and the Jamaica Pegasus hotel as also the Twisted Kilt.

With the versatility of being the prime host of the music or being the backdrop of accompanying music for a singer/band when a special delivery is to be outpoured.   ‘A-Class’ equipment are among their standards to ensure there are no hitches or other unforeseen delays in the additional fifteen (15) minutes set for a quiet pre-ceremonial background music (at no extra cost) is seamless.

Gone are days when couples cringed at the thought of a wedding DJ, so much so that in present days ninety (90) percent of couples now request one. These impeccably dressed men fall in perfectly with the bridal backdrop. Some would go as far as to say it is much like comparing the Apple Iphone 4 to the Nokia 3310, there is simply no comparison.

With more to offer than the competition; from music to lighting, no wedding is complete anymore without the special touch of Jamaica Wedding DJ.  Their team  has gone beyond transforming weddings to parties but  have taken over from Walt Disney turning dreams into reality,  and  adding magical fairytale endings ensuring a weddings that etches themselves into memories forever.

“Let ‘s help you create your own magic visit us at www.jamaicaweddingdj.com.”

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