Imagine the Possibilities
Truly exceptional events entertain all of the guest’s senses. The first sense that you entertain is sight. Lighting can turn any venue into something truly special and unique.

LED Up-lighting
We offer colour match up-lighting for events with our LED lights. These lights are positioned around the room, behind the dance floor or along architectural features of the venue to accent the colours of your party and add warmth to the overall space. Up-lighting is one of the most cost effective and dramatic ways of making your event truly unforgettable and memorable.

Dance Lighting
We offer you the latest technology of intelligent dance lights, Laser lights and special effects. Our lights project different shaped patterns onto the dance floor, walls and move to the beat of the music which creates the perfect mood for a colourful party.

Colour Match Lighting
We offer what we call “colour-match lighting.” Using light emitting diodes (LED) lights we can perfectly match almost any colour you choose for your event. Bringing together the colours for your event and adding a unique element that greets your guests right as they enter the room.
Using these lights we can accent the elements of the venue for you. Many wedding reception halls feature beautiful white columns, arches, or features that transform into beautiful canvases that display your accent colours truly bringing in the spirit of your event and setting the tone of the evening as something special. These lights also work well in conjunction with crystal chandeliers truly allowing them to sparkle and shine brilliantly.

How many lights will I require?
You may be wondering how many units you will require, the optimal distance between each unit is around 3metres and we can supply you with as many units as your require. The most popular package is for 10 units mixed between wall up-lighting and ceiling wash this will provide you with a nice effect throughout most venues.

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We work with you to come up with one- of-a-kind lighting options for your event that will truly set your event apart and make it truly personal and unique. We can work within your budget to create the biggest impact.  We have worked at many of the best venues in the Jamaica and can offer our personal insight as to what the best lighting options will be for each venue. This type of expertise and integration into your entertainment is what makes us one of the best entertainment companies in Jamaica

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