It’s really quite simple; if you’re not getting married in a church, then you’re looking for alternatives…or more specifically, you’re looking for someone to officiate your wedding ceremony. Maybe it’s because you yourselves are alternative or non-traditional and getting married in a church simply isn’t a consideration. Or maybe you are very traditional but simply don’t wish to have your wedding in a church or don’t belong to one. Either way, you’ve no doubt already found that your choices of wedding officiant are rather limited. Alternative Wedding Services was created specifically for those of you who have chosen to have your wedding ceremony in a location other than a house of worship. Our entire purpose is to give couples like YOU an alternative. In addition, we provide more personalization, more customization and more flexibility to ensure you have exactly the wedding ceremony that you want, regardless of the setting.

Our uplighting packages offer clients an affordable option for adding a little color to the event space without spending thousands of dollars on really complex mood or architectural lighting. If you’re event facility really needs a major makeover, you may want to consider using one of our preferred event design companions, but if you only need a few uprights spaced evenly around the room or placed near columns for accent color, we can do it. Uplights are $35.00 each and include all the cables and set-up.

We offer numerous effect lighting packages to help bring life to your dance-floor. Any time there are moving or flashing colors of lights on a dance floor, it tends to encourage more people to dance. We recommend at least the Basic Lighting package if your event is in the evening and you plan to have any dancing at all.