Wedding Planning 101: Setting the Date

1st Ten Wedding Anniversaries: Ideas and Gifts
November 18, 2011

After the engagement and the exciting thoughts of future plans and all that your life together will entail, what is the first step. Many brides-to-be bask in the thought of getting married but soon are jolted by the reality of the gargantuan task they have ahead of them; the wedding planning.

The wedding date is often determined by various circumstances, and directly affects the length of the engagement. Most common considerations are;

Day of the week – Are you wiling to fork out that extra cash to accommodate a weekend wedding or will you and your beau be just as contented with a weekday soiree. Either way both of you must agree on a day that meets your needs and your budget.

Important attendees – The idea of having a wedding is so that you can share the special moment with very special people. (Otherwise you would opt out of al that spending and find the nearest courthouse.)

Season/ Time of year – If you reside in a country that has marked seasons, or your job doesn’t allow for time off during a particular time of year, that makes it totally important to consider the time of year you choose to have your wedding. (Or you could just consider Jamaica where everyday is the perfect day for a wedding) Always make a note that vendors (florist, venues and Dj’s) have special seasonal/off season rates.

Marking Special Occasions – Maybe you would want to mark the day you first met or have it on Valentines or July 4th. Whatever it is you’d want it to be equally important to you and your spouse.

Size of the wedding – With all the above considerations made, the difference between catering to 20- 200 or 800 guests may be measured in months. The larger and more grand the event the more time is recommended to plan it. After all we don’t want our blushing bride stressed out leading up to the big day. And not everyone has every designer and caterer on call like our dear friend Kim Kardashian.

The Reality of the situation is that you want to allow yourself enough time to iron out all the kinks not only of the wedding but of your future life together. Where you will live, joint accounts and the mapping out of a beautiful future together. We can never assure that you wont have problems along the way but if you take one step at a time, you’ll be sure to enjoy the whirlwind of a journey.

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