Rent A Dance Floor That Fits Your Event

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February 21, 2012
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March 23, 2013

When the time comes to rent a portable dance floor, plenty of options are available. The following material describes some of dance floor items offered by rental stores. So many possibilities exist that it makes it easy to find the ideal dance floor for your event.
Wood dance floor. Renting a wood dance floor is a classic choice for inside events. However, you also can use them temporarily in a covered location outside if you install a subfloor first. Wood dance floors come in a variety of woods, such as oak, birch, cherry, teak and mahogany. Parquet wood floors rank as an all-time favorite.
Vinyl dance floor. For more design options, you may want to rent a vinyl dance floor. Popular choices of vinyl dance floors to rent include all white, all black or a black-and-white checkerboard pattern.
Slate dance floor. Some people prefer to rent a rich, slate-tile, portable dance floor.
Polypropylene dance floor. This portable dance floor option weathers all types of outside conditions well, especially if it has channels underneath of it to allow for drainage. The surface of this type of rental flooring varies, but includes simulated wood and real wood laminate finishes.
Dance floor pole sections. Designed to fit around tent poles, these dance floor sections allow the creation of a seamless floor free of left out sections that could cause an injury.
Lighted dance floor. If you desire a lounge-like atmosphere, renting a floor that lights up may help you achieve your goal. Some rental stores offer backlit or LED dance floors. One type of LED flooring works in conjunction with computer software to display selected images or ever-changing colors. Sometimes the changes can occur synchronized to the music’s beat.
Liquid-filled dance floor. Not many rental stores carry this cutting-edge dance floor that when stepped on swirls around the multi-colored liquid within it to create ever-changing, bubbly patterns.
Dance floor edging. This rental item finishes the edges of a portable dance floor. Rental stores usually offer border trim coordinated to their selection of dance floors. Common colors include black, white, brown, gold, silver and wood grain.
Dance floor graphics. Some rental companies customize rented dance floors by overlaying them with graphics, such as a company logo or a picture of the bride and groom. Another possible option is to place the graphic under a removable acrylic cover.

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