Taylor Simpson

Lisa Pollock
August 11, 2017
Nikki Williams
August 11, 2017

My Wife and I had Kevan DJ our wedding and had a wonderful experience. It would be safe to say that Kevan was the key to our wedding be such a fun time!

Kevan (as earlier posts had stated) met with us a few days prior to the wedding to go over music selections, gave us advice on how things should flow (which were great tips so thank you Kevan), and worked/complimented our band we had for the dinner prior to the dancing. Also as stated in other posts he was well dressed, well prepared and the music was perfect. Any song we had requested we had ready to go in a second!

Our hotel even said of all the DJ’s they have ever had he was the best by far!

Kevan let me take this chance again to say thank you for helping us have such a great wedding!!!

I only gave 5 stars because there were not 6